I Tried A Menstrual Cup For A Week

Welp, I never thought I’d be doing this but I tried a menstrual cup from amazon for the first time and this is how it went 😳💉

The menstrual cup i used:

articles that helped me:

Can A Menstrual Cup Get Lost Inside the Vagina?


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20 pensamientos en “I Tried A Menstrual Cup For A Week

    i am still happily using the menstrual cup each month for my ENTIRE period!
    i tried another brand off amazon but im now realizing that the best decision is to go ahead and buy the lunette or diva cup since i do still find some complications with the knock-off ones! thank you all for watching, i hope this inspires you all to open your mind to new things! change is good!

  2. i use pads that has multiple layers, so that way i’m not technically sitting in my own blood because my body isn’t exposed to it. i recommend if you’re scared of sitting in you’re own blood or other products

  3. I’m a pad girl but here’s the thing

    1. I live with 6 other people. Two of which I “have” to keep my period a secret from because it’s obviously embarrassing, one of them is an 8 year old boy, and the other hasn’t gotten hers yet.

    2. I s l e e p w i t h t h e a f o r e m e n t I o n e d y o u n g e r f e m a l e s i b l i n g o n w h i t e s h e e t s

    3. My period schedule is luckily only three days. I, however, bleed what would normally be a full week’s worth of blood while I sleep going onto the second day. As I have said, I have white sheets and no other options. I remember I once woke up and fucking just… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

    4. IT’S REALLY HARD TO KEEP BATHROOMS CLEAN FOR ME PERSONALLY. >:( Like I obviously know how to do every normal thing, but I often forget a lot of details when exiting the bathroom after changing a pad. This can range from the pad itself to getting something on the toilet and not seeing it, thus leaving it dirty. Really fucking gross, but listen I am EXTREMELY forgetful. I don’t have the brain capacity to unwrap something, put it on my undies, fix everything, gather the trash and try to handle it without being seen. Chances are I’ll forget like a wing wrapper part.

    5. School locker rooms. SCREEEEEEEEE (I’m in 7th grade).

  4. The thing that scares me about the menstrual cup is that I have a HEAVY cycle. And by heavy I mean heavy. I'm 14 and I've had my period for about 3 years, so it's not like a first year heavy cycle. It's an ongoing thing. I use ultra heavy night time pads and a tampon and it only lasts me about 2 1/2-3 hours. That isn't okay. So…is the cup gonna hold all of my blood, or am I gonna be the type of person who has to change out every 3-4 hours instead of the 12 that it says on the package.

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